Disaster Relief

Beavercreek Baptist Church has been involved with disaster relief efforts for many years. With the great need in the south we are once again getting involved.

In August, we sent backpacks and school supplies with the Ohio Disaster Relief childcare unit.

We are currently collecting cleaning supplies. We have rented a Penske moving truck and will be loading it with clothes and cleaning supplies. The truck will leave BBC on Sunday, September 24th right after church services. 

       If you would like to donate cleaning items, please contact Pastor John at . We are collecting buckets, cleaners of all kinds, bleach, brooms, mops, dust masks, sponges, scrub brushes, old towels, and items that you would use to deep clean your house.

As of September 20, there has been a change of plan. We are now taking the truck of supplies to Miami, Florida instead of Houston, Texas. Anything you want to donate for this project must be on the truck by this Saturday at 10:00 AM. Please contact the pastor at the above email address for details.

     We will be making additional plans to help those in need. Check back here for more details.