For Such a Time as This

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For Such a Time as This

My granddaughter is learning to climb on things and I watched her try to climb up on the couch. She was determined to do it on her own. As I watch her struggling to climb the mountain of the couch I noticed she is starting to lose her balance and teetering on the edge of success and failure. As she finally starts to fall backwards I reach out and catch her. At just the right time I was able to catch her before she splatted on the floor. Sounds familiar doesn't?

I believe the Bible teaches us that God does much the same thing. He directs us, He speaks to us, and He watches us and at just the right time, He does something for our own good. Biblical history is full of occasions where God had to do the same thing to his people Israel and for us today. 

This series will examine a few of those times and the principles behind God doing things, "At Just Such a Time as This." On this page you will be able to listen to past messages of this series. I hope God's word blesses you and helps you see God's plan.

 Week 1: Oct. 27 "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" We examine how Israel "did evil in the sight of the Lord", things got bad, they repented, God forgave and blessed, and the they did it all over again. How that sounds so much like us. Here the the message video.