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2023 Golf League Score Sheets Maple

2023 Golf League Score Sheets Locust

Golf League


Each year we sponsor a golf league that plays at Locust Hills Golf Club in the Springfield/Cedarville area. This league provides great fun, frustration, and all of the relationship building you could ask for.  League cost for non-members of LHGC is $185.  LHGC members pay less based on their membership level.

The 2023 league started on April 27th.  

We are always looking for subs because everyone misses a week now and then, so if you would like to play as a sub, please contact Joshua Howell, League Director at  .  Did I mention subs don't pay the green fee?  Finally, cart rental costs remain $6 (just like last year).

Let’s Tee’Em Up,
Joshua Howell (League officers to be named later)

2023 BBC Golf                               League Rules:


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