ENGAGE Student

Re-forging our students' hearts, minds, and lives to unlock their true potential as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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ENGAGE Student

Re-forging our students' hearts, minds, and lives to unlock their true potential as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our mission:

To inspire our students to reclaim their true potential as disciples of Jesus Christ, and experience the extraordinary work of God in their Lives.


Our Core values:


Following Jesus, and devoting ourselves to His teachings, and telling others about Him and what He has done (The Gospel), and striving for missional living and Gospel intentionality.

Gospel Intentionality:

Living our lives through the understanding of the Gospel message, and applying it to our circumstances and activities.

Allowing the Gospel to shape our view of the world and our place in it, while seeking to spread the Gospel through our actions and words to transform the lives of those around us.

Missional Living:

Living out every second of our daily lives as opportunities to share the message of Jesus with the world.

Finding ways to turn our normal activities into "Gospel moments" where we can inspire those we come into contact with to have a life transforming encounter with God.


Our Approach:

 Gospel centered teaching:

 Sundays 9:15AM, Wednesdays 6:00Pm

Current Study: JEsus Centered Life


What does it mean to make Jesus the center of our life?  

Join us as we look into how to make this more than just a saying.  Some of the ideas we will explore are:  

  • Seeking and finding true joy
  • Prayer; what is it, and how does it affect our daily lives
  • Identity; who we are vs who we can be
  • And much more...

Students please bring your discipleship journals, a small notebook or journal to use. 



Team building activities:

First Friday of Every Month 6-9PM

Building relationships is important, and having fun is one of the best ways to accomplish this.  At ENGAGE Student you will find opportunities to just let it go, and be a little crazy!  From playing Exploding Kittens (an amazing game!) to Gaga Ball, and beyond, there are many ways to just have a good time and get to know the other students!

Check out our calendar for more information and event dates.


Equipegration Strategy:

 We believe that the strongest influence for discipleship comes from the family, specifically the parents.  We want to help the parents of our students reach their full potential as disciple makers, and to that end we have begun the Equipegration strategy.  This strategy will seek to better equip the parents to disciple their students and be a part of their spiritual growth and development.  It will also provide opportunities for integrating the families into the ministry; such as chaperones, family activities and events.  

Are you involved with your student's spiritual life? Do you know their hopes and dreams?  Struggles?  For more information on the importance of your involvement and how you can be more involved click below!