ENGAGE Student


Our mission:

To inspire our students to reclaim their true potential as disciples of Jesus Christ, and experience the extraordinary work of God in their Lives.


Our Core values:


Following Jesus, and devoting ourselves to His teachings, and telling others about Him and what He has done (The Gospel), and striving for missional living and Gospel intentionality.

Gospel Intentionality:

Living our lives through the understanding of the Gospel message, and applying it to our circumstances and activities.

Allowing the Gospel to shape our view of the world and our place in it, while seeking to spread the Gospel through our actions and words to transform the lives of those around us.

Missional Living:

Living out every second of our daily lives as opportunities to share the message of Jesus with the world.

Finding ways to turn our normal activities into "Gospel moments" where we can inspire those we come into contact with to have a life transforming encounter with God.

 Gospel centered teaching:

 Sundays 9:15AM, Wednesdays 6:00Pm, upstairs in the third wing


Youth Mission Opportunities

 2018 Mission to Fort Wayne, Indiana July 15-20

This mission trip is for youth who have just finished grade 5 and are going into 6th grade, all the way and including those who have just graduate high school. 

The cost is $90 per person and will cover all expenses while gone except for any extra stuff you may buy if we stop at the store. You will need to have lunch money for the drive home on Friday. We will do fast food so maybe $6-$8. each youth is responsible for their own money and belongings. 

$90 cost is due right now and should be paid by July 2. We have some scholarships available. If you need assistance please indicate that on your application or talk to Pastor John ASAP.

A full information flier will be available right here around June 19.

Please formally register for this project below by June 22nd. Each participant must register individually.