Childcare/Leading Positions


 Beavercreek Baptist Church is immediately hiring 3 individuals to work with children on Sunday morning.


1. All 3 will work every Sunday morning from 9:00 AM until 12 Noon.

2. Starting pay is $10 per hour

3. Background check is required. The church will cover the costs.

4. This can be a summer job while we hire long term staff, or we would like to hire long term staff from the start.

5. One individual will work with babies - birth through age 2.

Duties involve but are not limited to: taking care of children, reading stories, changing diapers, interacting with parents, etc.

6. Two individuals will work with preschool age 3 through K.

One individual will take the lead for the first slot (9:15-10:30) the other will take the lead for the second time slot (10:30-11:45) However, both will work together for the entire time.

Duties involve but are not limited to: taking care of children, teaching from printed lesson material, video driven lessons, snack time, free-play time, etc.

 7. Training and supervision are provided.

8. Given these are Christian teaching/leading positions at the church, applicants must be in agreement with our statement of belief. You can find those here:

 These positions are not complicated, but you must be committed to the well being of these children, must be on time and be appropriately presentable in attire and appearance.

If interested, please fill out the following reply and we will call you as soon as we can. We are ready to hire the right people, right now.

If you have other questions, email Pastor John Heading at     

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