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Thank you for your participation at Beavercreek Baptist Church. We have learned that it takes all of us to fulfill the mission God has given us to make disciples. Below is a link to the full list of volunteer service positions for 2018-2019. Ministry roles start September 1. 

Once you have filled out the form, you will be contacted by someone from BBC.

Thank you!!

Volunteer Service Response

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Are you currently a member of BBC?

If you are not a current member of BBC, but would like to get involved, please go ahead and fill out this form. We will talk.

As we focus on which ministries must be filled first, we are designating the Sunday morning service opportunities as High Priority. Please consider the High Priority Service Opportunities first. Thank You! The Secondary Service Opportunities can be modified as needed, but have flexibility where the High Priority Opportunities can not.

Small Group Leaders or Assistants

To completely fill all these high priority opportunities we will need 19 people. Babies through grade 5 are supposed to have 2 leaders per group.

Sunday Morning Children's Ministry During Worship Service

To fill all these High Priority Opportunities we will need 24-30 people. (3 groups / 2 people per group for very Sunday

Children's Host/Hostess Station

This service opportunity will require 2 people minimum if those people serve every week. We really should have 4-8 people to rotate.

Leadership Positions

Other Sunday Morning Opportunities

These opportunities are also High Priority.

The following service opportunities are what we have had in the past, but some of them can adapt as needed. We are not diminishing any of these or implying  they are not needed by not designating them as high priority, but depending on how we proceed, some can be combined.

Jump Start (Wednesday Children's Ministry)

Committees and Teams

If you would like to serve in a combination of positions with committees/teams, please indicate what they are here.

Outreach Opportunities

If you would like to serve in a combination of positions with the outreach, please indicate what they are here.

Support Opportunities

If you would like to serve in a combination of positions with service ministry, please indicate what they are here.

A drawback in this system is that once you check something in an area you can't uncheck it. Please indicate any areas you checked but would like to uncheck it.