BBC Public worship Service


BBC has decided to 'pause' in person services for 2 weeks. Services on Sunday, Dec. 20, Christmas Eve, and Sunday, Dec. 27 will be online only. We will resume in person services starting on Sunday, Jan. 3. Here is the video excerpt from Sunday, Dec. 13 explaining the thought process:



Beavercreek Baptist Church  is having an in-person public worship service. We are still offering Home Church/Live Streaming as well. Those live channels are listed below.

Basic Sunday Schedule:

    9:45 - 10:15 AM Children's abbreviated teaching time for preschool through grade 5. Advance Registration required (REGISTER HERE)

  10:00 - 11:00 AM public, corporate worship service for all

  10:00 - 11:00 Livestream of service at Cedarville University in BTS 115. No registration. Just show up.

We are taking precautions as outlined by the CDC, Ohio Governor's office, health department, our insurance company and other resources. We want to gather for worship, however we also don't want to contribute to the spread of any disease or jeopardize the health of anyone.

Our precautions:

- The church is cleaned and sanitized per CDC guidelines.

- 6' foot distancing observed.

- Masks ARE required by order of the Governor of Ohio. We have FREE masks if you need them. 

- We have free 20 oz bottles of hand sanitizer available. There are multiple hand sanitizer stations.

- In our HVAC systems we have installed air sanitizing units that are used in hospitals. The air you breath, and exhale, is sanitized before it gets to the person next to you.

Online LIVE Stream options include (CLICK an active link)

Church Website:

Church Facebook page: Beavercreek Baptist Church

 Church YouTube channel: Beavercreek Baptist Church

Pastor John's YouTube channel