2021 Foundations 260 NT Plan

In 2021 BBC will be following the Foundations 260 New Testament reading/study plan. So what does that involve, you may ask.

1. Read the Word: We are using the Foundations 260 NT as our church-wide, daily reading Plan. In this book we will read 1 chapter of the New Testament every day, Monday-Friday for the whole year. At the end of the year we will all have read all of the New Testament. The reading plan is for adults, youth, older & younger children.

You can order your own books or order your books through the ordering form below. (Ordering starts Nov. 15 at Noon) BBC will cover part of the cost of the book. You are asked to pay $5 per book. If you want to pay the full price of $13.99 each that's up to you, but we want to invest in you through this project.

We have added a very special book. It's the CSB Foundations New Testament. This is the whole New Testament WITH the Foundations 260 reading all through the book. The book is $29.99 but we are getting a discount to $19.49 +shipping. You  may pay BBC the whole amount or the discounted amount of $15.00 each. These discounts are for anyone who will commit to walking through this 260 plan with BBC through 2021.

Here is a link if you want to check out this New Testament. 

 2. Study the Word: Each days reading includes half a page of commentary explaining what's taking place in the reading and how it relates to what you just read.

3. Reply to the Word: There is about a half a page on each day where you can write: what did you H.E.A.R. Directions provided in the book.

4. Preach the Word: Pastor Heading will be preaching through the reading plan every Sunday in 2021. The week 1 reading will be Luke 1-5. Pastor will preach through those chapters on the first Sunday.

5. Community of the Word: Each week Pastor Heading will provide a small group discussion guide. The goal is to watch the teaching in the sermon and then discuss and make application in your small group. Depending on when your small group meets, you may not have completed your daily reading before your small group meets. That's OK.

If you are watching the BBC services from somewhere else in Ohio, the US or somewhere else in the world, you can start your own small group. BBC is looking to use this journey to launch new small groups anywhere and everywhere people will gather. If you want to partner with BBC and launch a small group in your area, please contact Pastor Heading at . We will help you get started and equip you for success. 

2021 Bible Reading Order

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Books will be picked up in the BBC lobby. If you do not live in the Beavercreek, Ohio area, or if you cannot come to the church to get your books, please indicate you want to be contacted for delivery. We will delivery the books or ship the books to out of town individuals.

Please contact me for delivery.