Disaster Relief

Beavercreek Baptist Church is involved in Ohio Disaster Relief. On March 1, 2021 Pastor Heading took over as State Coordinator for this ministry. He will continue to serve as pastor of Beavercreek Baptist Church, as well.

Disaster Relief exists to bring help, hope and healing to those in need. In Ohio we have a number of teams to deploy. Those teams include: chainsaw, flood recovery, chaplaincy, site assessors, emergency child care, food service, communications. In 2022 we will add international disaster relief, high school disaster relief and and incident management team. Not to mention involving college students.      

To know more about this ministry and how you can get involved, please go to SCBO.org/DR

If you would like to know more about SB Disaster Relief in Beavercreek 2019 tornadoes, check out this article.