Small Groups

A Family that Grows Together


Connecting in Small groups is one of the primary purposes of Beavercreek Baptist Church. BBC currently has small groups that meet at various times of the week. There are groups for all ages. (babies, preschool, school age, youth and adults).  The groups are varied, but they are all a great place to find true community and build lasting relationships.


Below are some descriptions for the current adult small groups from the small group leaders.  Check them out and see if one sounds like a good fit for you. 


Updated January 1, 2021. All Adult Small groups are participating in the Foundations NT journey for 2021. All groups that meet in person are required to follow CDC guidelines in place; masks and social distancing are required, even if the group meets in a home as a BBC small group.
Adult 3/Group Leaders: Nathaniel and Rebecca: (brother & sister, not a couple)

(Group name ADD- "Actively Developing Disciples:) is BBC's Young Adult class. From high school graduate to young singles to college and career to young marrieds (roughly, anyone less than 35 years old) - all are welcome!  This is an exciting group with a varied geographic background and involved in wonderful times of participation.  The teaching methodology is mainly facilitated instruction, but also has elements of direct instruction. The group is involved in outside gatherings, ministry projects and group care. A3 meets on Monday nights at 8:00 PM. Here is the Zoom link: 

Join Zoom Meeting                      Meeting ID: 840 1428 8177

Adult 4/Ryan: 

(Group name - "The Middle Ages") This small group includes individuals ages 35's-45's.  We're usually 10-12 people most weeks.  We enjoy sharing things in our lives with each other, both to laugh and enjoy one another, and also to lift up one another in prayer.  The Bible study is more of a facilitated discussion rather than lecture.  We try to carefully determine not only what the Bible says and means, but how the truth we find there practically applies in daily living. When you come into the parking lot, go through the set of glass doors in the center wing. First room on the right after you enter the building.

A4 meets in person at BBC on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM. Please contact Ryan with any childcare issues.

Adult 5/Mike G:

This group represents a wide range of life experiences, with members representing mostly late 40's and 50's. This broad range of life experiences enhances our group Bible study which is focused on facilitated discussions of the lessons and scripture we explore in our group as we study God's Word.  The members of this group genuinely love to just "hang out" together, whether it is during the several group get-togethers held during the year or on special outings.  We invite you to experience first-hand the "Spirit" that characterizes our group and it's members.

A5 Zoom meeting on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM. Contact group leader Mike at  for Zoom info.

Adult 6/Roger B:

Is mostly composed of senior adults.  We enjoy our Sunday morning fellowship, studying the Bible, and worshipping our Lord.  We also enjoy each other's company on occasional lunch outings.  

A6 meets in person at the church on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM. Just drop by. When you enter parking lot, go to set of doors on the far left. (Fellowship Hall)

Adult 7/Arlie H:

This is also a group of mostly senior adults. They currently meet online on Sunday night at 6:20 PM. Please contact the church office for Zoom details.

Adult 8/Pastor John: "Digital Disciples"

 This is a brand new online group Pastor John has started in January 2021. So far the group is made up of families from Ohio, Texas, & Georgia. This group will remain online due to the nature of its makeup. Anyone, from anywhere is welcome to join this group. We may add an 'in-person' element later in the Spring of 2021. Contact Pastor John at  for Zoom information. We meet Sunday nights at 6:30 PM. 

(Stay tuned for further small groups.)