Volunteer Service Response 2020-2021

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Volunteer Service Response 2020-2021

Dear Friends,

This year has been anything but 'normal'. Serving in the church and community hasn't been normal either. Well, it's time to get organized for 2020-2021. The form below is your opportunity to get involved in ministry at BBC. Usually we assume everyone plans to continue in their current ministry areas, but that assumption isn't going to work this year.

We are asking everyone to indicate their ministry areas for the 2020-2021 church year with the form below. Once you do that, someone from that ministry area will contact you. Remember, if you call BBC your church home, then it is up to you to get involved and be part of the ministry.   

By indicating something or some areas on this form, it doesn't commit you for life. There is a place on the form to indicate if you have questions or not. Please mark your ministry area, indicate whether you have questions or not, and someone will contact you to answer any questions and to possibly confirm your ministry intention.

Thank you for your participation and faithful service to the Lord through BBC.

God bless, Pastor John

Volunteer Service Response 2020-2021

Does BBC already have your information on file? If yes, skip that information, if NO, please add it here.*

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Are you currently a member of BBC?*

If you are not a current member of BBC, but would like to get involved, please go ahead and fill out this form. We will talk.

Normally we assume church members will continue in their current ministry function unless they say otherwise. Well, nothing about this year has been normal. We are asking everyone to indicate your ministry area for 2020-2021. We will adjust from time to time, but this will get us started.  

High Priority Small Group Service Positions

Adult Small Group Leader

General Youth ministry volunteer

The following children's class leaders may rotate every couple weeks or lead the class like normal for the church year. For now, all kids classes will meet during the 10:30 worship service.

Babies/Toddler group leaders (2)

Preschool leaders (2)

Elementary Group leaders K-2 (2)

Older Elem. Gr 3-5 (2) 

Worship Service Servants

Operational Security Team Member

Guest Services Team Member

Praise Team

Audio/Visual Team Member

Admin/Functional Servants

Building & Trustees Team Member, (3)

Personnel Team Member (3)

Finance Team Member (3)

Offering Counting Team and coordinator


Alternate Check Signers


Financial Secretary

Kitchen Team

Church Clerk


Deacon Ministry Recommendations to follow later this year.


Do you have questions about any of the ministry areas you indicated before you can commit to serve?*