Next Steps

Details on how to get involved in serving

Welcome to the Next Steps page. Since you are here you have probably been attending BBC in-person or online for a time. You may have even been in a small group or helped at a community event. So, it's time to find your niche in the church family and get involved. Or you may be new to church or to the area and you are wondering what's next for you.

The following resources are designed for you to discover how you are shaped for ministry. You will also find documents that people have asked for to learn more about BBC. Just follow whatever links below that will help you. You can always contact the church and we can help.


BBC101 is a First Steps group for people who are new to BBC. New groups form as needed. We are looking at the next group in May 2021. BBC101 meets for about 2 hours. Hour 1 we examine the church, what we believe, a little history, etc. Hour 2 we look at the ministry of the church and how we work together to accomplish what God has placed before us. Many people who participate in this group will join the church and get involved while others participate in the group just to learn more.

Please contact Pastor Heading to register for the next group.


Many people ask, "How do I know where to get involved?" or "How do I get involved in ministry?" The SHAPE online tool will help you narrow down your search.

SHAPE stands for:     S - spiritual gifts, H - heart, A - abilities, P - Personality, E - experience. The online assessment will take anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. The important thing for the assessment is to be honest with who you are and not mark answers you think represent what others think of you. 'Be You' on the assessment.

At the end of the assessment you will place your name and email address and you will get a copy of the completed assessment with some good interpretation of your responses. ALSO, at the end put Pastor's email and he will get a copy of your assessment as well. Then you and he can meet and go over it and help you get involved. Pastor John's email is

TAKE THE S.H.A.P.E. Assessment HERE