Translating God's Word for a new generation

Current Series

Foundations NT 2021


This 3-week series focuses on a biblical approach to forgiving others and improving our relationship with God and each other.

2020 Vision & Beyond

This 3 part series lays a foundation for who we are as Beavercreek Baptist Church and what our vision is for 2020.  

This Year Will Be Different

January 14: Change

January 21: God's Faithfulness

January 28: Fear

February 4: Failure

February 11: God First

Transformed (Fall 2017)

17 Sep: Transformed.

24 Sep: Transformed thru Prayer.

1/8 Oct: Transformed thru Forgiveness.

15 Oct: Transformed thru Peace

22 Oct: Stand Your Ground

29 Oct: How To Stand Firm